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DIMITRIOS AZEMOPOULOS – The Ambassador of Greece to the world, a faithful Diplomat of the 21st century

DIMITRIOS AZEMOPOULOS – The Ambassador of Greece to the world, a faithful Diplomat of the 21st century

“The choice we made in critical moments help to form us and to inform others about who we are [..]”

Ambassador of Greece, Dimitris Azemopoulos, 02/07/2021

Academic Studies

  • University of Athens – Law & Political Science 
  • London School of Economics – Master of Law Degree
  • Sorbonne University – Master of Law Degree

Critical stations in the professional career of Mr. Azemopoulos:

  • 1987 – Member of the Athens Bar Association
  • National School of Public Administration- Graduated First 
  • 1992 – Diplomatic Career starts
  • Deputy Head of Mission of the Greek Embassy in Poland
  • European Union posts: 

 – General Secretariat with the E.U Commissioner for Employment & Equal Opportunities 

 –   General Secretariat with the E.U Commissioner for Environment

  • 2016 – Promoted as an Ambassador
  • 2017- 2020- Ambassador of Greece to Canada
  • 2021 – Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Director for Training & Human Resources 

 National & International Honorary Distinctions:

  • “Eagle of the Republic” from the Government of Poland
  • “Cross of the Commander” of the Italian Republic
  • 2017: “Grand Cross of the Commander of the Order of the Phoenix” – the highest honorary distinction of the Greek State 

Academic Honorary Distinctions:

  • 2021- Doctor of Law of the American College of Greece due to Ambassador Azemopoulos contribution to serve as a trustworthy channel of the Educational Institution to Canada.

Stronger than the stone and brighter than the sun, our Ambassador of Greece to the world, Mr. Dimitrios Azemopoulos, spreading his sincere love for Greece, generously shared his own experiences from his “first and unwavering professional choice”, that of Diplomat, to the graduates of the American College of Greece who attended his honorary announcement by the Great Educational Institution, as an Honorary Doctor of Law, on July 2nd, 2021.

Focused on his higher mission, “the fundamental purpose of his life”, throughout his personal struggle, he managed to build a career memorable in time by “serving his compatriots with profound respect”. His unconditional love for Greece and the people who have accompanied him all these years in difficult times “as an inevitable part of the process getting to the top” made him the Great Diplomat, that Mr. Azemopoulos is today. 

During his inspirational speech his words were simple and understandable, “moderate and kind” to his audience. Deeply devoted to his mission, that of Public Diplomacy, “with passion that fuels him with energy”, Dim. Azemopoulos remains faithful to the anthropocentric universal values ​​of mutual respect and mutual help and understanding of others by always “listening to the voice of others”. All of his virtues came as a result from the faithful application of the commands of God, his light on this earth” of his own life, as he emphasized in his speech. 

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Guided by the love for our homeland, Greece by implementing the “soft power of its legacy and beauty” and by approaching “his compatriots” the Greeks, where the earth, as a trustworthy and valuable “next-door friend”, Ambassador Dim. Azemopoulos became the beacon of hope and the communication channel constructing with his uniqueness each time the bridges of our nation to the world.

Philanthropic Contribution

  • Fundraising for Children with cancer for the Children Hospital of Toronto.
  • Ongoing partnership with Elpida Organization in Athens and Sickkids Foundation

Pioneer Contribution to the Hellenic Diaspora of Canada

“The greatest gift I could give them was the gift of attention.”

  • Contributes to the creation of Institute of Hellenistic Studies at the Waterloo University of Canada
  • Contributes to the creation of chair of Greek Studies of the University of Toronto.

Crucial Professional Tips forLife

  1. “We should fight for our dream! [..] We should do what we love and love what we do.”
  2. “Spread light in your workplace, among your friends, in your house.”
  3. “Be responsible, my friends. [..] Remember that the price of greatness is responsibility.”
  4. “You should build relationships of trust, if you want to move on solid ground”.
  5. “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. [..] Don’t let others spend it for you.”
  6. “Be different than the rest by being a perfect version for yourself.”
  7. “Find out what you do well and keep on doing it.”


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