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ADAMANTIOS-DIMIS VASILAKIS – The Ambassador of Greece to the world, a true Diplomat of the 21st century

ADAMANTIOS-DIMIS VASILAKIS – The Ambassador of Greece to the world, a true Diplomat of the 21st century

[..] To hear their graceful lips, say softly

How it is in the snow,

They are souls in the north, and yet the light of April shines around them forever…

The Olive Tree

Lampros Porfyras (1879-1932): (pen name of Dimitrios Sipsomou), lyric poet of Chios, Greece

Academic Studies

Critical stations in the professional career of Mr. Vassilakis:

  •  1972 – Embassy Attaché of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 1975 – Third Secretary of Embassy at the Greek Embassy in Tirana
  • 1977 – Head of Section for the U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe of the Foreign Ministry’s First Department of Political Affairs. Participant in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Common Market political experts’ meetings.
  • 1985 – Consul General of Greece in San Francisco, California, where he was promoted to First Counselor of Embassy
  • 1986 – Head of Section for bilateral relations with the United States, Iranian, Turkish and Arab Countries, in the Foreign Ministry’s Department of Bilateral Economic Relations
  • 1990 – Department of European Community Affairs
  • 1991 – Deputy Permanent Representative in the Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations
  • 1994 – Promoted to Chargé d’ Affaires,
  • 1999 – 2002 – Director General for European Affairs and Director of the Center for Analysis and Planning in Greece’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 1998 – Promoted to Minister Plenipotentiary (1st class)
  • 2002 – 2007 –  Permanent Representative of Greece to the United Nations and represented Greece on the United Nations Security Council
  • 2007 – Greece’s chief negotiator and representative in the UN-led talks between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia over the Macedonia naming dispute.

The Diplomat from Chios of Greece, our true Diplomat in the world, Mr. Adamantios – Dimis Vassilakis, honored with his personality the highest position that one can gain in this life and is none other than that of a patriot.

His unconditional love for Greece made him a powerful lever for finding solutions to the foreign issues that occupied Greece based on his memorable course both in the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the most important International Organizations, such as the UN, the EU and NATO.

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The man Dimis Vasilakis, through the words of his friends and associates, managed to gain the favor and support of his interlocutors at all levels. Educated and modest, he had the dynamic that ordinary people have who know how to distinguish the special talents from their fellow human beings.

Diplomat Adamantios Dimis Vasilakis left for his last trip, for his last mission, with his suitcases full of his favorite books, at the age of 79, leaving us a serious legacy and a promise to continue his work from any professional position always guided by the love for Greece and its people.

Farewell, Mr. Ambassador!


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